Ascó Lagoon

The Ascó Lagoon is situated on the left bank of the river Ebro, downstream from this village, and has an approximate surface area of 0,6 hectares. It is an area that is separated from the main course of the river Ebro and was an old pebble beach. The lack of water circulation has meant that in recent years it has become covered with microphytes which almost completely take up the surface of the water. It is not subject to any legal protection, but given the potential of this lagoon for certain species of flora and fauna natural to the area, a series of actions for habitat improvement and public use have been proposed, to protect its natural values and to encourage awareness of biodiversity.

A land stewardship agreement was signed with the Ascó Town Council in 2016, and the proposed actions to be carried out include:

  • Sampling of the biodiversity of the lagoon:
    • Sampling of the diversity of birds
    • Observation of mammals using Camera-traps
    • Sampling of the leprous water turtle
    • Observation of flora and vegetation of the riverside.
    • Sampling and fish inventories: Studies of the fish populations by means of electrical fishing sampling.
    • Checking for non-native species.
  • Construction of a bird observatory and access path
  • Maintenance of the water surface water circulation to improve its quality.
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