Grup de Natura Freixe

We are a charitable organization with more than 30 years’ history dedicated to the conservation of nature, focusing on the natural spaces of the River Ebro.

We encourage conservation, research, education and sensitization of the natural and cultural heritage, using land stewardship as a management tool. We work with an inclusive vision, where the challenge is to involve owners, managers, experts and land users to develop long-term sustainable management. We promote the network of environmental volunteers and we particularly encourage the inclusion of groups of young people at risk of social exclusion in conservation strategies.

Currently, we manage more than 700 hª of spaces under land stewardship and we are managers of the Sebes and Flix Meander Wildlife Nature Reserve, where we act to recover and improve habitats of interest (wet zones, forest spaces, and open spaces) to encourage biodiversity.


To the land we live in and its sustainable future.


We produce information of quality

Global and local

We work on a local and global scale.


We dialogue, add our contribution and we like working with others.


We always propose solutions and alternatives.


In projects of conservation, research, education, tourism, sustainable agriculture and many more.

Our team


Santiago Bateman Posse

Projects manager
(+34) 685670692

Graduate in Biology, specializing in Biodiversity Management, Teledetection, creation and analysis of SIG (Geographic Information System). He is an ornithological expert, which has enabled him to work on different conservation projects in countries such as Colombia (his country of origin), the Democratic Republic of Congo, Turkey, France and Catalunya. He has a great capacity to adapt and generate new ideas that become projects, but always in collaboration with his immediate group.

Oriol Arola Sancho

Land stewardship technician
(+34) 680489492

He has a degree in Forest Technical Engineering from the Lleida Higher Technical College of Agrarian Engineering. A nature-lover, especially of the mountains, where he spends a large part of his free time climbing, skiing, walking or mountaineering. He has worked in Grup de Natura Freixe since 2009, carrying out land custody projects in river and agroforestry environments.

Marta Gázquez Sugrañes

Education and volunteer team expert
(+34) 977265112

She has lived and grown up in the world of leisure and nature, her two great passions. Specialized and with long experience in the field of leisure (monitor and monitor director) and trained in gardening (transnational in landscaping, gardening Mid-Grade Training Course and intensive crops Mid-Grade Training Course) She has worked in Grup de Natura Freixe since 2008 and forms part of the Learning Space team.

Helena Blanch Pérez

Communication expert
(+34) 977265112

Graduated in Audiovisual Communication, she has specialized in Corporate Communication and digital contents in recent years. She has worked in different communication agencies, especially for companies in the gastronomic and tourism sector, and has collaborated with local organizations to contribute to cultural dynamism.

Ferran Rosich Prunera

Head of maintenance
(+34) 650125190

He is greatly concerned with the environment. He is the handyman of the group, reliable, punctual and responsible. Since 2015, he is the best friend of the horses of the Camargue and the storks of the Sebes and Flix Meander Wildlife Nature Reserve.

Samir Ait Dahmane

Maintenance technician
(+34) 977265112

He collaborates with the Grup de Natura Freixe when there is more work. A tireless worker be it collecting olives, clearing undergrowth, or upkeep of the premises, he always does it with a smile.

Sponsoring and financing organizations

Collaborating organizations


The Grup de Natura Freixe believes in transparent management. Here we publish the contracts, agreements, and subsidies with the public administrations for the year 2019.

Contractes en pràctiques de Garantia Juvenil

Fundación Biodiversidad

The Grup de Freixe Natura repeats itself on the part of the Fundación Biodivesidad of the Ministry for Transition Ecological for the period 2017-18: 47,132.46€ in concept PROJECTS AS RESPECTA AND AGROFORESTA

Collaboration agreement with the City Council of Flix

The Grup de Natura Freixe has signed a collaboration agreement with the City Council of Flix with the following financial allocations for the year 2014: Management of the Sebes and Flix Meander Wildlife Nature Reserve: 30,000€ Management of the Sebes and Flix Meander Learning Environment: 30,575€ City Council of Flix-Ercros agreement for actions in the Sebes and Flix Meander Wildlife Nature Reserve: 14,425€ Agreement with City Council of Flix-Diputació Tarragona: 25,000€ Maintenance fees for itineraries in the Flix Meander: 6,000€

Collaborative agreement with the Generalitat de Catalunya

The Grup de Natura Freixe has signed a collaborative agreement without an economic endowment with the Generalitat de Catalunya. The Grup de Natura Freixe received in 2018 by the Generalitat de Catalunya 45,435.50€ in concept of Assistance to Protected Natural Spaces.
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